These little bundles of joy will make you laugh and cry with their innocence and cuteness!

This dog loves the boy so much, he stays put
A boy walks, sees a puddle, wants to play in it but he is walking his dog. What should he do?
The boy's father, Julian Burrett said "This film was just a lucky moment on an everyday walk with my two-year-old son and our 11-year-old dog.

Boy and dog are moseying along with the boy seemingly the protector. And they would continue to do that if fate hadn’t presented boy with something new and exciting to do (inciting incident?). The dog is deserted, reluctantly, but the roles change and now the dog is the protector. Finally, the thrill of discovery is spent, and the prodigal boy returns to the comfort of his familiar, once more eager to grow into his role of eventual leader. The dog patiently allows this to happen with a tired sway of weary acceptance.

For me that’s a story at its most basic. There are lots of cute nuances in there, like the apparent respect with which Arthur places Watson’s lead on the floor, but fundamentally in one minute we have an accidental beginning, middle, and end, complete with lucky symmetry."